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Dimensional Signs Chicago, IL

The Sign Centre makes the finest dimensional signs in Chicago, IL to the highest quality standards with the fastest delivery at the most competitive prices. Dimensional signs are one of the most used forms of signage. Bring your company's look to life with dimensional signs and make the most of high-tech materials and innovative production processes to help you identify your property and extend your image. Whether you're creating a simple sign on top of your headquarters or a lobby display, your message deserves to stand out. Dimensional signs can be made with acrylic, wood, aluminum, PVC or a variety of sign foam to ensure years of durability.

Dimensional signs are a great way to enhance the appeal of your business instantly by catching the eyes of a passersby. Creating three dimensional signs as works of art is the goal of dimensional signage. Our dimensional signs are the highest quality available. These raised signs provide a striking architectural appearance.

The Sign Centre has been in the business of manufacturing and selling dimensional signs through out Chicago, IL and across the country for over 49 years. We specialize in dimensional lettering for interior applications. Our dimensional signs are available in all sorts of materials and thicknesses. From inexpensive foam to more upscale plastics and acrylics with laminate faces our dimensional signs are always of uncompromising quality. Don't let another customer walk out of your store because it didn't have the right appeal to them. Call us at 847-595-7300 to discuss your dimensional signage needs today.

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